CORPORATE COMMUNICATION q We enjoy working with partners like Taylor Morrison Homes to develop internal training video programs, recruiting videos for YouTube, and for broadcast at trade shows, and recruiting events. We function as more than just a film crew for these impactful projects. We enjoy working parallel with our partners to develop conceptually appealing programs that resonate with their target audience. From script writing, all the way through to the final details in post-production, FirstWatch always delivers.
DESTINATIONS q Pair us with a project for the travel/tourism or residential/commercial development industry, and we are in our element. We are a global provider of video services completely outfitted with a non-invasive mobile gear kit which includes a remote-control aircraft for capturing affordable HD aerial footage. Whether we're creating a promo for a resort or spa, or a showcase video for a high-end residence or commercial property, leave it to FirstWatch to cover all the angles.
NARRATIVE q Everyone has a story to tell, and you and your company are no exception. At FirstWatch Media Group, distilling the essentials from your story, and interpreting that message to emotionally connect with your audience is a responsibility that we take very seriously. A video alone will only get you so far, but when it's crafted professionally with compelling copy and thoughtful visuals, the sky's the limit.
COMMERCIAL/PROMOTIONAL q FirstWatch welcomes a variety in our mix of projects. Our talented staff are well-versed and current with emerging trends in video editing and motion graphics. We tend to avoid the cookie-cutter approach, guarding your message from being lost in the clutter. Rather, we strive to produce for you a proprietary product, whether we're filming a case study video, covering a corporate event, or pulling out all the stops for a killer graphic to promote your brand.
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