all about us
To choose the right partner for your video projects, you have many options. Here's why FirstWatch Media Group stands apart from the rest:
Where it all began...
Collaboration. It's been our anthem since the very beginning.
Way back when...our common passion for film compelled us to pool our funds and speed off to the second-hand store to buy our first 8mm movie camera that changed our lives forever. We've managed to ride the technology wave since way-back-when, advancing to HD and 4k equipment, but continue to forge ahead, always driven by our film making roots and passion for compelling stories.

Pair us with a project for the destination marketing or homebuilding industry, and we are in our element. We are also a global provider of integrated branding, graphics, and event management services. Whether we're creating a branding promotion for a resort or spa, or a series of corporate training videos for a national homebuilder, leave it to FirstWatch to cover all the angles.
Leverage our visual storytelling history & experience.
Where it's all going...
We're in it for the long haul. We enjoy forging and nurturing relationships with our partners to create compelling stories, dynamic imagery, and high-quality content.  At the end of the day, if what we have produced together makes a dramatically noticeable impact, then we have delivered on our promise:
Expect Amplified Results.